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Month: December 2019

How To Be In The Room Where It Happens

The grass is not always greener on the other side. I am sorry to have to disappoint anyone reading this, but it is true. This idea that things will be better or that having more information will lead to more satisfaction or understanding or something that will help you to fell happier and more fulfilled at the end of the day is not always accurate in the business world. I am speaking here of that feeling of anxiety that can creep in when seeing managers or upper level people go into a room, close the door and have a discussion. What are they talking about? How will it affect me?

Blog Updates – Curation & Metrics Edition

These past few days have been very exciting for me in regards to the blog and I wanted to comment on some of the things that have been happening for the sake of posterity. The first exciting thing that has happened is that while cross posting some of the posts from the blog on Medium, two of the posts have now been curated on that site! The following screenshots commemorate these posts: The amazing thing about these posts is that I wasn’t trying to be curated or have them highlights on different areas of the site. This is my 41st post on this blog and I am still working on getting my feet under me. I really am not sure that I have this whole thing figured out yet, but as of creating this post I have 335 views across the 9 stories that I have posted to That…