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Category: #workplacehaiku

Meeting Haiku

Meetings. The scourge of the business workplace. The necessary evil that sucks up time and people. The black hole of early morning and after lunch sleepy people and never ending powerpoint slides. Here are some haiku to commemorate these wonderful time sinks.

Weekend Haiku

We finally made it! 5 long days deep down in the salt mines to make it to the two wonderful days of freedom and independence: the weekend. Here are some haiku reflecting on and celebrating this weekly milestone. Enjoy!

Coding Haiku

As the days grow colder and the coffee steam rises from the cup, here are some nice and fresh haiku to keep you entertained while the leaves fall outside.

Morning Halloween Haiku

How about some Halloween themed haiku to start this morning off right? This is day 2 of getting back into writing haiku and the rust is flaking off pretty quickly – I am pretty proud of the second day effort! With one week to go before Halloween I hope you have your costume ready! Engineer costumesBut no candy given outToo many red shirts -KW Pumpkin spice coding?New bugs adding lots of tricksMust compile treats! -KW Spooky EngineersNo, wait, just office lights offCode in dark silence -KW

Workplace Haiku

When you are able to work someplace where you can have some fun with the people you work with you usually end up coming up with inside jokes and other fun things to do. Along with the previously discussed “pop time” one of the things that we did in my first full engineering job was to write workplace haiku. I am still searching for the lists of haiku that we wrote those many, many years ago and if I find them then I will work on posting some of the better ones. However, this blog gives me an ability to resurrect my haiku skills and attempt to create a couple of haiku per week. Now you may be asking yourself – why haiku? Actually, let’s take a step back and first cover: what is haiku? According to wikipedia, haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that is structured over 17…