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Category: #theclassics

#TheClassics – The Website Is Down

For any new or otherwise “green” Engineer some of the best pop culture references are not from movies, tv, or comic books. Many of the best pop culture references are from various, potentially geeky, sources. These references occurred, were discussed over coffee and at water coolers, and may not be present in Engineer culture. However, I feel it is my duty to try and bring some of this culture and historical education back and present many of these topics for your edification and enjoyment. So I am introducing a new category for the blog, #theclassics and this is the first one to bring up and talk about. These will not be general movie, tv, or comic references. You are on your own for those. However, I hope you enjoy the ones that do get covered here and get some mileage in your own conversations and chats. If nothing else, I…