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#philosophy, #goals & the Wikipedia Philosophy Challenge

Last updated on 2019/09/26

Quick post! I just wrapped up talking about the category tags and realized that I have already created two of them! Therefore I needed a quick post calling them out so that I don’t mess up my goals before I even get going with them.

So here we are. As this is a quick post, I will quickly try and define why each of these categories is important to me:

#philosophy – these posts are intended to present my philosophy and ideas in a logical manner that explains what they are and why they are important to me.

#goals – this posts are a way of calling myself out to hit some targets and expectations in the future. If I am doing this right, then each goal is like a single pass/fail metric that I can revisit and evaluate the outcome in the future.

There – short and sweet – but let’s go for the bonus round! The following challenge isn’t one that I came up with but instead read about somewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t know where I saw it so I can’t give credit here, but here is… *drumroll please* ….

The Wikipedia Philosophy Challenge

  1. Start by searching any random term on Wikipedia
  2. In the main body text (not the italicized other uses section) look for the first link
  3. Click on the first link for this article and every other article that you go to
  4. Eventually you will end up on the Wikipedia article for Philosophy

Don’t believe me? Try it! I randomly picked the Times Square article to double check this:

  1. Times Square
  2. Midtown Manhattan
  3. Boroughs of New York City (link text is “borough”)
  4. New York City
  5. List of United States cities by population (link text is “most populous city”)
  6. Municipal corporation (link text is “incorporated places”)
  7. Local government (link text is “local governing body”)
  8. Public administration
  9. Public policy (link text is “government policy”)
  10. Executive (government) (link text is “executive branches”)
  11. Authority
  12. Legitimacy (political) (link text is “right”)
  13. Political science
  14. Social science
  15. Discipline (academia) (link text is “academic discipline”)
  16. Knowledge
  17. Fact
  18. Reality
  19. Object of the mind (link text is “imaginary”)
  20. Object (philosophy) (link text is “object”)
  21. Philosophy

Idea!!! I want to start a project to learn about some different technologies and I think I just found my first project! Coming soon to a blog post near you!

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