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Seven Things I Want Any New Engineer On My Team To Know

The following seven things are all part of what I want any newbie on my team to know, embrace, and understand at a deep level. Anyone who has made it through the hiring process and who can embrace these ideas should end up being a great teammate. Or – if unable to get through the learning curve that these ideas imply – at least we will find out sooner rather than later that we might have whiffed on this person as a valuable member of this team. So here are the seven things that I want any new Engineer on my team to know.

Forget 10X – What about a 1000X Engineer?

Some recent reading brought the concept of a 10X Engineer to my attention, specifically an article titled: “The 100x Engineer”. This is a concept that I had no knowledge of prior to this revelation but after digging deeper there is quite a large amount of information regarding this philosophy out there on the web. Think about all of the things in your life that would change if some of them were 10X. Sure, we would all love a 10X bigger paycheck. What if your internet was 10X faster? Or your car was 10X more fuel efficient? What if you worked out so much that you needed to eat 10X the calories to balance out the workouts?