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Thoughts on Engineering. And Coffee. Posts

Is Coffee Creative?

When was the last time you went to a Starbucks? As ubiquitous as they have become, that last visit was probably not too long ago. In fact, as of 2019 there were 30,246 Starbucks stores worldwide with 6,188 in the United States alone. Besides the annual pilgrimages for the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte (disclaimer: no comment on this drink as the author has never tried one), Starbucks is continually rolling out new and inventive drink options. Per a statement in 2006 by a spokesperson for the brand, Lisa Passe, there are more than 87,000 inventive combinations possible at any single Starbucks location. But I digress, as the creative efforts of a worldwide coffee chain are not the answer to this question. Is this question better served to examine the effects of coffee on creativity? We could go back to Starbucks to dive into this analysis, as coffee shops have long…

Going from 0 to 1,000 views on Medium

You may be one of the people very much like myself who is either looking for the quick and easy formula for writing that is going to catapult you to the top and get you some of that easy writing money. Either that or you have already started the grind and are looking for that edge to get more of your articles noticed by the curators. Read on for some tips to achieve these goals and a big secret to success.

The Five Actions That Impress Me In A Job Interview

Have you ever heard of someone getting a job simply because they were wearing a tie? Sure – we have all heard stories about those fantastically lucky people that stumble into an amazing job through sheer luck and circumstance. The waiter who manages to say something witty that charms the executive who at the end of the meal not only leaves a substantial tip, but also a job offer on the table. At a management seminar in mid-2015 with other Engineering Directors I heard a secondhand story about oil boom towns in North Dakota that were so hard up for workers that hiring managers would offer jobs on the spot to fast food employees at the drive in window. These stories must be just that: anecdotes that we tell each other around the coffee maker. Right? There once was an Engineer who went into a job interview while wearing a…

Using a 3D Printer To Explain An Engineering Mentality

Creating a 3D print is an act of pure creation. An Engineer may not have much of an artistic streak when it comes to the traditional artistic skills, but an expression of form through technology could be considered stock in trade for this mindset. However, this comes with a caveat. For every minute of watching the X, Y, and Z-axis machinations of the busy printer head, at least 3 times that has been spent simply searching for the perfect thing to print and in getting it set up.

The Simple Power Of Going For A Walk At Work

There are a large number of benefits that can be gleaned from this few minutes of exercise. The first of these is simply getting away from the antagonists and problems that feel stressful. That simple separation can do wonders for the outlook for the remainder of the day along with a vast number of other mental and physical benefits to some simple exercise that can be found in a quick stroll.

Creating Unique Images For Blog Posts

anyone writing for fun or to try and make a living understands the power of imagery in articles. This is one of the key attractors for people in getting attention to your writing and achieving those crucial eyeballs that drive page views. One of the simplest things that you can do is to create your own unique images. It is fairly simple to take free, high-quality images and combine them together into new, unique creations that can help your posts stand out.

How The Star Wars Movies Teach Us About Office Politics

As fun as it would be to geek out on deconstructing the socioeconomic intricacies and differences between the elected rule of the Old Republic against the totalitarian Galactic Empire propagated by the Sith Lord Palapatine, this article is not focused on the world of Star Wars. What this article is about is the incomprehensible and strange logic behind money and political decisions for storied franchises

FizzBuzz: Energy Drink or Coding Test?

Get your Fizz On! Don’t go Buzz Off! Crack open a FizzBuzz! Slam it down. Feel the burnnnnnn! Forget wings – Fizzbuzz gives you buzzzzz! Fly around on your Buzz and Ride The Fizzy!

On the other hand, FizzBuzz may be one of the classic developer tests widely used to filter out the estimated 90% of programming job candidates who can’t program their way out of a wet paper bag.

Why So Serious? Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun

After some early success getting traffic to the blog and getting some content curated on, it was very easy to fall into the trap of stats and views. It is very, very enticing to log on and see how many new views and claps and site sessions have occurred in the past two hours. It seemed like fun to go check out the articles on how to get more eyeballs on your articles and how to write better titles. But after a while I realized that I was moving away from my vision. I was attempting to write for what I thought these articles wanted. I found my feed filled with the seemingly same advice articles over and over. All of a sudden this didn’t seem like so much fun anymore.

Understanding Margin in Product Manufacturing

There is a cost associated with every product ever made. The coffee cup you are drinking out of. The chair you are sitting in. The screen you are looking at. Every item around you was produced at some point from some sort of human labor and can have some sort of value placed on the generation of that object. The way that companies make money is to then sell products for a higher value than that cost and therefore make some money on that object. Welcome to the wonderful world of profit margin.