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Thoughts on Engineering. And Coffee. Posts

How To Take Meeting Notes

So you finally made it! 12+ years of primary schooling plus high school and now you have managed to get through weeks, months, and years of school to be an Engineer. You can now put down that notebook. You have a job. This is the real world. You can Google any problem that you have. Stack Overflow is fully available for use. And you can finally put away that pen and paper because you don’t have to take down all of those infernal notes all the time!

Coding Haiku

As the days grow colder and the coffee steam rises from the cup, here are some nice and fresh haiku to keep you entertained while the leaves fall outside.

How To, Um, Write Good!

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about communications in the business world. As the team I work with knows, I strongly believe that communication is one of, if not the most important element of having a strong team, a strong organization, and a happy and fulfilled role. Communication is how you get through the clutter, provide clarity around objectives and status, and avoid the messiness of office politics.

Secret Weapons – Mirrored Monitors

While this could easily devolve into a discussion regarding Engineering Management and people putting mirrors on their monitors, that is not the point of this post. I have actually directly observed this practice – come on – who wants someone looking over their shoulder at work? The original post idea title was “Monitor Mirrors” until I realized that that was definitely not the intent of this topic.

How Much Am I Really Getting Paid?

Before I embark on this Engineer value post, let me try and explain why I am explaining this information. While it is very possible that I simply didn’t pay attention to these topics in school, I am also of the opinion that the US educational system does a pretty poor job of preparing people for the real world. But instead of going down that rabbit hole – instead, let me focus this advice from an older me to a younger me. These topics are things that I wish I had known as a young Engineer. There are a LOT of things I did not pay attention to that would have set me up better for things down the road. I wish I had had someone explain things to me, so it is my hope that these posts to a younger me may help some other young Engineer in some way.…


It has always been my intent on this blog to call out people that I admire. I even have some idea posts around setting up a new category called #Titans. These are pretty easy posts to come up with. Pick a person that is influential. Research that person. Write about that person. Rinse and repeat. However, as I have gotten older my views on life, politics, responsibility, and social issues have started changing. Now – I have a firm rule for myself that I am not going to use this blog in any way to discuss political ideas. I am not going down that path here. However, I was never totally comfortable with the term titans. It was an idea in my head and that word served it’s purpose as a placeholder for what I wanted to explore – but I always had a feeling that that word was wrong…

My 25th Post

Wow – 25 posts already? And not just random junk thrown up. I am happy and proud of each post and the thought and effort that went into each one. So at this point I think it is time to set some more goals! However, my life has changed drastically over the past few weeks and I feel the need to talk about that for a moment. Please bear with me. I would like to take a quick aside from the goals portion for a minute to write something really difficult to write. I have not written much in the past few weeks because I lost my father. This was a sudden even for my entire family and it has been a very rough ride. He always wanted me to be happy. Writing this blog makes me happy. Therefore, I am going to continue writing and building and getting better…

#TheClassics – The Website Is Down

For any new or otherwise “green” Engineer some of the best pop culture references are not from movies, tv, or comic books. Many of the best pop culture references are from various, potentially geeky, sources. These references occurred, were discussed over coffee and at water coolers, and may not be present in Engineer culture. However, I feel it is my duty to try and bring some of this culture and historical education back and present many of these topics for your edification and enjoyment. So I am introducing a new category for the blog, #theclassics and this is the first one to bring up and talk about. These will not be general movie, tv, or comic references. You are on your own for those. However, I hope you enjoy the ones that do get covered here and get some mileage in your own conversations and chats. If nothing else, I…

Morning Halloween Haiku

How about some Halloween themed haiku to start this morning off right? This is day 2 of getting back into writing haiku and the rust is flaking off pretty quickly – I am pretty proud of the second day effort! With one week to go before Halloween I hope you have your costume ready! Engineer costumesBut no candy given outToo many red shirts -KW Pumpkin spice coding?New bugs adding lots of tricksMust compile treats! -KW Spooky EngineersNo, wait, just office lights offCode in dark silence -KW