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Blog Updates – Curation & Metrics Edition

These past few days have been very exciting for me in regards to the blog and I wanted to comment on some of the things that have been happening for the sake of posterity.

The first exciting thing that has happened is that while cross posting some of the posts from the blog on Medium, two of the posts have now been curated on that site! The following screenshots commemorate these posts:

The amazing thing about these posts is that I wasn’t trying to be curated or have them highlights on different areas of the site. This is my 41st post on this blog and I am still working on getting my feet under me. I really am not sure that I have this whole thing figured out yet, but as of creating this post I have 335 views across the 9 stories that I have posted to That is awesome! This goes to show that anyone who can focus on something that they are passionate about can create something that other people are interested in reading.

Heading towards the 50th post for the blog, a lot of ideas, topics and goals come to mind. I refer back to the 25th post where I laid out some goals. By 50 I had planned to hit the following goals:

  1. Visibility – setting up SEO, twitter, LinkedIn and other various sites from a visibility standpoint
  2. Metrics – more on that in a minute, but the goal was to hit 2 posts per week and 3 ideas per week
  3. Zen Mastery – Since then I have created at least one haiku post per week that roughly provides a haiku a day, if read slowly

So I will count the first and third goals accomplished. Success!

In regards to the second goal, a few weeks back I had noted an issue in the current metrics that I have been keeping for the site. The two target metrics are posts per week and post ideas per week. The post ideas per week metric has a flaw. That metric simply shows the number of total posts in draft form. The problem is that every time a post is finalized and published it takes away from that number. Therefore, this metric needs to be updated to be the delta of the total number of posts week to week. Since every post starts as a post idea, any that get posted that week actually detract from this number and skew the metric numbers.

As the metrics page shows, this metric has been hit over the past few weeks and therefore this second goal can be considered to be successful. However, heading into post #50, over the next 10 posts (9 after this one) there are additional goals in achieving more visibility and therefore, new metrics will be created as various other channels are implemented. The first of these will be a new metric showing the total numbers of views, reads, and fans in Medium. I will also be setting up twitter automations for posts and for medium articles and hopefully, one day, for general notes being posted.

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

Finally, I would like to thank anyone that happens to come by and read these words. It is my intention with this blog not to try and make money or to be famous in some way, but to hopefully help someone, somewhere grow and be a better Engineer or to give them the extra boost of motivation needed to go pursue a dream. It may seem hard or potentially impossible. But reading back over my 25th post I never thought I would get to where I am now. Just take it one post at a time and one day at a time and you can get there. Thanks for reading!

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