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Blog Updates – Curation & Metrics Edition

These past few days have been very exciting for me in regards to the blog and I wanted to comment on some of the things that have been happening for the sake of posterity. The first exciting thing that has happened is that while cross posting some of the posts from the blog on Medium, two of the posts have now been curated on that site! The following screenshots commemorate these posts: The amazing thing about these posts is that I wasn’t trying to be curated or have them highlights on different areas of the site. This is my 41st post on this blog and I am still working on getting my feet under me. I really am not sure that I have this whole thing figured out yet, but as of creating this post I have 335 views across the 9 stories that I have posted to That…

Forget 10X – What about a 1000X Engineer?

Some recent reading brought the concept of a 10X Engineer to my attention, specifically an article titled: “The 100x Engineer”. This is a concept that I had no knowledge of prior to this revelation but after digging deeper there is quite a large amount of information regarding this philosophy out there on the web. Think about all of the things in your life that would change if some of them were 10X. Sure, we would all love a 10X bigger paycheck. What if your internet was 10X faster? Or your car was 10X more fuel efficient? What if you worked out so much that you needed to eat 10X the calories to balance out the workouts?

My 25th Post

Wow – 25 posts already? And not just random junk thrown up. I am happy and proud of each post and the thought and effort that went into each one. So at this point I think it is time to set some more goals! However, my life has changed drastically over the past few weeks and I feel the need to talk about that for a moment. Please bear with me. I would like to take a quick aside from the goals portion for a minute to write something really difficult to write. I have not written much in the past few weeks because I lost my father. This was a sudden even for my entire family and it has been a very rough ride. He always wanted me to be happy. Writing this blog makes me happy. Therefore, I am going to continue writing and building and getting better…

Patience. Success Takes Time.

This post is being started on Sept 22, 2019. I don’t know when it will be posted live to the site. The idea for this post came to me because I hit a significant milestone this morning. Someone else checked out the blog! At this point, things have been live for just over a full week and in that time I have written and posted 10 posts. Already the process of writing feels easier to me. Part of my process is also to create as many post topics as I can so that I always have some runway for choosing something to think and write about. Be warned – there is no method to this madness and the posts are wide ranging and varied and there is no master plan for targeting some posts and topics above others. In fact, one of the ways that I am trying to set…